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A perfect mold construction is a key requirement to successful die casting. A mold that is properly formed and constructed can make perfect castings having the attributes and the form required by customers.

It also contributes to production quality because it is not altered from the molten material.

BRALCO pays particular attention to this and has invested in very modern equipment to calculate and design (CAD-CAM methods) as well as construct (using CNC machines) the most complex molds.

Our long experience and highly trained personnel are a guarantee for fast and high quality mold constructions.

Toolroom Mechanical Equipment

Vertical Treatment Machine

  • CNC Mazak VTC-300-2nd edition
    (Χ axis: 1740mm, Υ άξονας: 760mm, Ζ axis: 660mm)

  • CNC Daewoo MYNX 500
    (Χ axis: 1020mm, Υ άξονας: 510mm, Ζ axis: 575mm)

  • CNC Mazak Nexus 410A
    (Χ axis: 560 mm, Υ άξονας: 410mm, Ζ axis: 510mm)

Other Equipment
Electro-corrosion, milling machines, radials, reconditioning etc

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