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Products & Applications

BRALCO specialises in mold constructions and pressure die casting for accessories of any form and shape made of aluminium, brass and zamac, which are being used in various applications.

The company has established collaborations with known family-type and industrial units, covering almost all sector industries, such as:

  • Building Materials
    (end cups, cremon handles for sliding profiles, window frame & sill devices, handles, joints etc
  • Elevators
    (substructures, joints, corners etc)
  • Hotel Equipment
    (kitchen and dining wares such as toasters, waffle makers, coffee makers, crepe makers, etc )
  • Medical Equipment
    (fittings for medical beds, chairs, benches, wheel-chairs etc)
  • Car Accessories
    (filters, bases, truck and jeep steps, precision mechanical parts etc)
  • Furniture
    (quick joints, joints for benches, tables, chairs, sofas, knobs, handles, locks etc)
  • Agricultural Accessories
    (accessories for seeders, threshers, irrigation machines, spray nozzles, spray and travelling gun fittings etc)
  • Popular Art Items
    (accessories for open fire places, traditional taps, decorative items, statuettes etc)
  • Teaching Aids
    (fittings for teaching benches etc)
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